PS4 System Update 1.6 Available Tonight

That’s right folks, the first major software update since launch will be available tonight for all your gaming pleasure.  The only thing that they’re touting is that it will now support the Official Playstation wireless headsets, but really that’s all I’ve been waiting for.  I’ve had the Sony headset for a while and I consider it a godsend for game play during my son’s nap time or late-night gaming, but have missed it on the PS4.  Being able to use it on both my PS3 & PS4 will make things much better.  You don’t have a wireless headset, you say?  Well, Sony is releasing a new unit this month for the low price of $99 (video below).  If more information comes out, regarding the contents of the update, I’ll keep you posted.  For now though I’ll settle for being able to use another accessory.

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