We ventured down to the home of the currently 9-2 Arizona Cardinals 1 week before we bring FIFA 16 to the American Outlaws tailgate for USWNT vs. China PR match for what other than the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest! We bought some amazing artwork and took some pictures of attendees cosplaying for the event. You can see all the photos we took below:

IMG_20151204_110521322 IMG_20151204_110642516 IMG_20151204_110702810 IMG_20151204_110709982 IMG_20151204_110726892 IMG_20151204_111006424 IMG_20151204_111604669 IMG_20151204_111656295 IMG_20151204_112744373 IMG_20151204_113121137 IMG_20151204_114251902 IMG_20151204_114458298 IMG_20151204_114713218 IMG_20151204_114823081 IMG_20151204_121113334 IMG_20151204_122107068 IMG_20151204_122732394 IMG_20151204_122816982 IMG_20151204_123723852 IMG_20151204_123812592 IMG_20151204_123916438 IMG_20151204_123937895 IMG_20151204_124001260 IMG_20151204_124027658 IMG_20151204_124132258 IMG_20151204_124150595 IMG_20151204_124155816 IMG_20151204_124548346 IMG_20151204_124606151 IMG_20151204_124625813 IMG_20151204_124823057 IMG_20151204_125346973 IMG_20151204_125945944

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