NVIDIA Announces 65″ Gaming Display at CES 2018

As CES news begins to roll out, Nvidia announced that they are working with Asus, Acer, and HP to make 65″ gaming displays a reality this summer. They have dubbed this BFGD, for Big Fucking Gaming Display, err…Big Format Gaming Display. This is a display mind you, and not a TV, despite being 65″ in size. This doesn’t have a built in TV tuner, and it’s targeted at PC gamers with the idea that they’ll somehow fit this on their fucking desks. In reality, it’ll likely be used as your TV, as you are most likely a  cord cutter, and don’t use the over the air TV tuner on your TV as it is. It sounds like it’ll be a fantastic, if not costly, “TV” replacement for gamers. The specs are quite impressive, with 4K HDR at native 120Hz, 1000nit brightness, G-sync, and Nvidia Shield built into it.

The Nvidia Shield has made a name for itself as the most powerful streaming device, able to stream Netflix and Amazon at 4k HDR, YouTube, Hulu, Plex, Kodi, and others. It also features google assistant, so you get that as well. Included with the BFGD is the Shield remote and controller, so you can play all your favorite android games optimized for Shield on this set too. This is all in addition to the live streaming capabilities, and GameStream allows you to play your PC games over WiFi without having to physically connect your PC. The G-sync technology goes beyond just gaming, by allowing the display to match the exact frame rate of the videos you are watching, whether that’s 23.976, 24, or 48 FPS.

And yes, you can connect your consoles up to this to take advantage of a display meant for gaming. BFGDs offer low latency, minimal display lag, reduced motion blur, as well as that 4k HDR display. Add this all up, and this the TV for gamers that don’t rely on over the air TV broadcasts. I’m going out on a limb and saying that’s 99.999% of you. If they deliver on this promise, sign me up, granted if it doesn’t cost too much that is.

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