Comcast, MLB.TV and HBO Go Now Available on Xbox..

As of right now you can now stream your Comcast cable, MLB.TV and HBO GO directly from your Xbox.  Awesome right?…..

FALSE.  Unfortunately you still need to be a cable subscriber to access any of the information on Comcast and that goes double for HBO GO.  Also it doesn’t even really get rid of the Cable box entirely.

From the Comcast FAQ:

Q: Does a customer need to have a Comcast cable box connected to the TV, along with the Xbox 360?

A: No, but the customer does need to have a cable box or CableCARD-enabled retail device connected to at least one TV in the house. This means, for example, an XFINITY Digital customer could access XFINITY On Demand content from the Xbox 360 in their rec room, as long as they have a cable box or retail CableCARD device in another room of the house, such as the living room.

So really all this does is allow you to use your Xbox as “another” Cable box and not get rid of it completely.  Nice I guess for people who already pay for all these services and just want another device to access them…but that’s a pretty small group IMHO.  Especially since you will be looking at a Cable bill with HBO approx. $120 a month  + $50 a year for XBL.. this hardly feels like any kind of deal or something I will be bothering with any time soon.

However, this is definitely a step in the right direction.  HBO may get a new customer if they can break away from the cable company and just charge me a single fee for access to their services à la carte, an option consumers have been clamoring for years to get.  Also it opens up the future of how Video Game Consoles are the go-to device for home entertainment, and shows that the next gen will be more in plug then any console in the past.  Now all I need is someone to give me their login information to access HBO GO so I can get my Game of Thrones on.  Anybody wanna help a brother out? ha

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