Rock Band 4 Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015!

That’s right folks, get your friends together and buy your neighbors some earplugs because loud music is coming back to your living room.  Harmonix is FINALLY releasing a new version of Rock Band for next-gen consoles.  They did not say whether or not your old instruments will work with the new software but they did say that your old DLC will be available for eventual download from the PlayStation Store.  MadCatz will be making a whole new line of controllers and people attending PAX East this weekend will be able to pre-order a special Penny Arcade themed guitar at their booth.

It's time to thrash all over Gabe's face!
It’s time to thrash all over Gabe’s face!

We’ll keep you updated on the game and controllers, as more information is made available, but in the meantime warm up them vocal chords and loosen those wrists!

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