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Nyko Clip Grip Power

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August 1st, 2017





Nyko Clip Grip Power is Nyko's alternative to the Nintendo's Charge Grip that allows you to charge your Joy-Cons as you play. Nyko however takes it a step further by adding a grip for your smartphone, storage for games, and an integrated battery to charge the Joy-Cons, Console, or Smartphone while playing.

We got hands on at E3 with Nyko’s upcoming Nintendo Switch accessories, but now we are able to dive a little deeper. We secured our hands on a Nyko Clip Grip Power, which led to me wanting to make an infomercial for it. Why the infomercial? Other than completing a life long dream of mine to star in an infomercial, with all the Clip Grip Power can do, why not?

Struggling with having to use your phone for online chat on the Switch? Boom! It’s got a grip that can hold most cell phones that snap into place. No more juggling your controller AND your phone. It even secures beneath the controller when not in use. Oh your phone is loosing charge? Just use the battery inside the grip and the USB port to charge it faster than my laptop does. Plug in the controller with the micro-usb port to recharge the controller, it’s that simple!

Can you never find your games? Is opening the game cases just TOO difficult? No place to store your game cartridges on the go? What about your extra SD cards? The Clip Grip Power has got you covered there too! In the center of the controller is a nifty little storage compartment that can hold up to 7 game cartridges and 2 SD cards.

But wait, there’s MORE! Of course there is more! The integrated 3,000mAh battery isn’t just there to charge your phone, or your Switch, or whatever you plug into the USB port, it’ll also charge your Joy-Cons! *Joy-Cons sold separately.

With all that, how does it actually work and feel? It’s slightly wider than the regular Joy-Con grip and only slightly heavier. Other than that, it works just as the Joy-Con grip does, the feel is even the same. The build quality is solid, and it works great. What’s even better is that it’s $5 cheaper than Nintendo’s official Charge Grip that doesn’t come with all those other features. The one negative thing I have to say about this controller, is on my Nexus 6P, the grip depresses the volume button when used without a case. This will happen with any phone that has the side volume rocker centered on the phone. Not a huge deal, as a simple case gives it enough lip not to depress it. I used to hear the word Nyko and think cheap aftermarket controllers, similarly to what I would think of the now defunct MadCatz. The last couple of years though Nyko has been changing my perspective of them, and with some solid hands on time with their Joy-Con power grip I got to say, this is a solid product that I actually prefer over the official product from Nintendo.

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  • Cheaper than Nintendo's Official Product
  • Added Storage
  • USB Port and Cell Phone Grip


  • Grip depresses volume button on my Nexus 6P