Bethesda Softworks opened E3 with a Storm this year showcasing not just Fallout 4 but Doom, Dishonored 2 and more!

In case you don’t have time to watch the full event the main focuses were:

Doom.  The new Doom game by id is going back to its roots as a balls the the wall action shooter.  If you want some gore you found it, between satisfying body destruction to amazing take downs Doom seems to be that roller coaster ride through hell we have been waiting for.  Thankfully we had a chance to see some gameplay and while the game does look amazing I am a little worried about the repetitiveness games like this can carry, more on this as we get some hands on time.

With the announcement of Doom, came the announcement of Doom: Snapmap,  an online full map creating system for all aspects of Doom.  If you want to make a custom multiplayer map go ahead or even a challenging single player missing.  With Snapmap Doom will be opened up to already one of the most vocal and active modding communities across all platforms and will easily breath tons of life into what already looks like an amazing game.

Dishonored 2:  Announced and a cutscene was shown, most likely the opening title sequence, the main difference this time is that time you can play as either returning hero Corvo or new protagonist Emily Kaldwin, both with new sets of powers and abilities to open the world of Dishonored.  As usual stealth games always have a special place in my heart, hopefully this time around Dishonored will be able to give more of a challenge to pro stealth players

Quite possibly the biggest disappointment of Bethesda’s press conference was the announcement of Battlecry.  While it is still in beta I could not shake the obvious TeamFortress 2 vibe.  Seriously it looks and feels like TF2 – with swords.  Battlecry is in open Beta so you may just want to go see if you can check it out, but I already have a favorite cartoony MOBA, not sure I have room for another.

Lastly the, shining jewel of Bethesda’s E3 show, Fallout 4.  While its initial showing did not show very impressing character models, I am happy to see the level of detail taken to make Fallout 4 its own game and not just a re-hash using the same system (ie Farcry 3 to Farcry 4).  This time around there is a much heavier emphasis on crafting and building your own outpost or base.  From modding any of your weapons to making your own power armor, Fallout 4 is working to give you the fullest amount of customization available. Some other awesome aspects include building a base strong enough to gain the attention of other drifters or merchants, who will then set up camp on your base and assist you with, well, surviving.  Even more amazing is that if all this crafting or base management isn’t your style its not required, there is still the full Fallout 4 experience and story line.   While character models are still a bit lacking in my opinion it is nice to see a company focus more on substance rather than making the game just look overly nice.

Also on the note of Fallout, the newly announced Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android looks fun and amazing.  Plus being a free game and the fact that no internet connection required makes me all the more pumped.  While it is only on iOS currently, Bethesda has promised and Android version is quickly behind.  So what are you waiting for? if you have a iphone or ipad go get it!

We will continue to update all week and be sure to let us know what you think!!

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