WFTBB/Do Not Want. Fable Heroes and The Journey

Dear. God. Why?










I don’t normally give WFTBB awards to Download only games…but When I do its because its horrible.  In my personal opinion the Fable franchise has been in a steady decline since its first release on the original Xbox.  Both Fable 2 and Fable 3 were huge let downs and this has all but destroyed my desire for the Fable universe.  However, if there was anyway to make my views on this franchise any worse, it would be to release a second rate, over the top cutesy,  boring, unnecessary game with horrible pacing and controls….

Well Congratulations Lion Head Studios you have succeeded in making sure that I will, not only, NOT buy Fable Heroes, but I have decided to just straight up PASS on the soon to be released Fable: The Journey.  As I’m sure it will just be another truncated perversion of what could have been an amazing series.

So there you have it two Fable games to add to the WFTBB list, as for myself I will be adding to the Do Not Want list.


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