There is a bunch of hype and excitement for Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.  What better way to find out if its something that you will be interested in then with a Nerd Battle over if the game sucks or rocks.



Our Battle hardened “Nerdbaters” are:

For the game rocking we have Battousai311:  Major Warhammer fan and most looking forward to another great game based on one of his favorite franchises

For the game sucking we have Jason:  Never played anything Warhammer but obviously loves games and knows how to play them.



 Battousai311: After playing the PSN demo of Space Marine, I’m still excited about this game coming out in a week.  Relic Studios promised an over the top, bloody game with all of the rich lore of the Warhammer 40k universe and I believe they delivered.  You mow through large groups of Orks with your Chain Sword and blow them to bits with your near 50cal Heavy Bolter.  They have shown that you will get to use other weaponry throughout the game, but I hope that they keep the base Heavy Bolter as having infinite ammo (as they did in the demo).

The first of two levels has you running through an area overrun by Orks and trying to put a halt to the never ending waves coming in.  You basically run and gun your way through this are while slicing and dicing large packs that come running straight at you.  This is a pretty simple equation, but the 5 v 500 battling make you feel like you really are a badass Ultra Marine super soldier.  This gives you ample practice building up your Fury Gauge to unleash hell on any Ork stupid enough to get in your way.  The second level adds a new twist that I don’t believe I have ever seen in a game using a Jet Pack.  The WH40k packs are actually called Jump Packs and are only used for traversing small distances quickly, as opposed to the standard Jet Pack found in most games.  The twist is the Ultra Marines use of his massive size, gravity and a tiny boost from the pack, to explode down on the enemy from above.  This move can kill almost any enemy that you dive bomb and also emits a huge shockwave that stuns and knocks down surrounding enemies (killing some weaker ones).

Despite what Jason has to say, WH40k was created WAY before any other video games, so it’s only fault is being late to the party. I will still be buying this game on 9/6 and letting you know as soon as…I BEAT IT FIRST!


 Jason:  This is all well and good but it doesnt change the fact that I have done all of this before and better.  Now the biggest thing that myself and I’m sure a crap-ton of other gamers are thinking is this game just looks sooo much like Gears of War.  I know Warhammer “invented” the huge ass guy with chainsaw thing style but they had know Gears of War already made this game, right down to the chainsaw melee combat, Im not saying Gears of War is a good game but, come on are you telling me that nobody at Relic Studios knew this was gonna be a huge problem?

Also in both scenarios on the demo I got bored after a while of doing the same combo moves and tactics to get through the waves of enemies.  Yes you do feel like a bad ass after the first 30 or so kills, but after awhile you are just doing the most effective combo over and over again.  You also heal yourself  by performing “take downs” on stunned enemies.  While these take downs are cool they get annoying as they keep repeating and have to have the slowdown camera to make it look all epic, also as you preform these moves you can still be hurt, thus causing some frustrating deaths.   Also the gun is slow as fuck to reload, but hopefully that will be upgradeable in the full version.    “Late to the party”?  try 5 years late dood, and now all the beer is gone.  As far as what I have played its another” been there done that, too little too late”.  You my friend may Beat It First as I will save my money.

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