Wait For the Bargain Bin Award: Dead Island.








Dead Island finally came out after what felt like an eternity.  The premise  is solid, make a Zombie survival game, add in some RPG elements and release the hoard. Why would I not want to jump right in?



This game peaked my interest when it was described as a “like” Borderlands style game.  With certain classes and character trees to upgrade your character can make everyone’s game a little different.  Sounds interesting enough, but if I remember correctly I already played this game in Borderlands and again in a Borderlands Add on directly with Zombies.   I know for a fact that I will be picking this one up once the price has come down but I just cant justify paying full price for what seems like an overly modded Left 4 Dead….with more suitcase searching.

Anyway, WFTBB’D Let me know what you think.

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