Sony PS3, DirecTV & NFL have have hot 3-some action!

Don’t worry, you’re not reading that image incorrectly.  Click READ MOAR for full deets!

That’s right folks, the PS3 is finally starting to turn in to the all in one media device that we always hoped it would be, however I think this is beyond the wildest dreams anyone had when the PS3 was first introduced.  Sony released and app to allow people to purchase the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, even if they don’t have DirecTV service.  Sure this comes well after Sony released apps for the NFL and MLB, but let’s be honest with ourselves… THIS IS THE FUCKING NFL!  Now I personally already have DirecTV & the Sunday Ticket on all TV’s in my house, but this is great for people in rental situations that can’t put up a dish or for people that got suckered in to a bundle contract with their cable company (or cheap bastards like Jason who dropped cable altogether for Hulu and Netflix).  All you have to do to get started is download the Sunday Ticket app from the media section of the your XMB.  The service will cost $339.95 for non-subscribers, but the great thing is that if you have already have it through DirecTV (like me) you can link up your account to the PS3.  So if you want to watch football at your cheapskate friends house on Sunday, and he only has crappy digital rabbit ears, you can just start up the app and put in your login info.  Launch video is below:


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