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I IBIF Crew is back again with their top games for the year!

What a bunch of Assholes think was a lot of fun this year:

2019 was a crazy year and an end of an even crazier decade, that can be seen in the large spread of our top games for the year. Be sure to tune into our End of the Year Special podcast where we even had our favorite Canadian Shawn from Evolve PR join in (as is tradition).

Eric’s Best of 2019

#5 Fujii
#4 Warhammer Chaosbane
#3 A Plague Tale Innocence
#2 The Sojourn
#1 Code Vein

Jason’s Best of 2019

#5 The Sinking City
#4 ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove
#3 Children of Morta
#2 Borderlands 3
#1 Resident Evil 2

Chris’s Best of 2019

#5 Borderlands 3
#4 Jedi Fallen Order
#3 GreedFall
#2 Moons of Madness
#1 Metro Exodus

Anne’s Best of 2019

#5 Neo Cab
#4 Luigi’s Mansion 3
#3 Pokemon Sword/Shield
#2 Lost Ember
#1 Fire Emblem Three Houses

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