Another salvo has been fired by Sony, just off the bow of direct competitor Microsoft.  As Sony said during their press conference at Gamescom, effective immediately Sony has dropped the price of the PS3 to $249 for the 160GB model and $299 for the 320GB model.  With Microsoft still charging $299 for a 250GB model, time will only tell what their next step will be to counter this and maintain their high market share.  Click READ MOAR for my opinion on the matter.

With this price drop, Sony has cemented itself as the best value in the market (for the time being).  The Wii doesn’t even do 720p resolution, let alone actual HD, and the Xbox 360 is extremely proprietary in nature and is missing the ability to use optical media larger than 10GB.  As much as Nintendo was touting the Wii U at E3, I’m not sold and will most likely NOT be spending my hard earned money on it (I was already burned by Nintendo when I was a first adopter to the Wii).  Microsoft has a more inexpensive unit, which comes without a hard drive, but I don’t know very many people that are dropping money on for the cheap entry (if you want to add HDD functionality it’s pretty much the same as buying the 250GB unit).  Without the ability to utilize Blu-Ray discs, MS finds itself falling behind the Sony almost as fast as the original lost footing against the PS3.  MS will need to step up their time table for their next model in order to maintain their position in the market.  The next unit will NEED to utilize a large format optical disk as its main source of information as Digital Distribution will not be viable for quite some time (say what you will, but you know it’s true).  The ball is now in Microsoft’s court, I can’t wait to see what their answer will be.
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