GTX 1080 Melts Your Monitor

NVIDIA hosted a event on May 6th where it announced the GTX 1080 and 1070 with its sights squarely on multi-monitor and VR support. The $1,000 Titan X, NVIDIA’s top card gets beat by both of these new cards at a fraction of the price and power consumption. This is made possible due to the new pascal architecture these cards ride on.

When it comes to VR, the new 1080 claims twice the performance of the Titan X, partly due to a new technology debuting on these cards that gives a major boost in performance to those running multi-monitor displays like myself, as well as VR. They call this technology multi simultaneous projection, and it looks to bring VR from the high end to the mid range with the new line of cards. The GTX980 is the current standard for VR, but the 1070 can now best not just the 980, but the Titan X as well. You can watch a video of it in action below, and then change your pants. I know I did.

Both the 1080 and 1070 have 8GB of RAM, with the 1080 having GDDR5X and the 1070 having GDDR5. The 1080 pumps out a staggering 9 teraflops compared to the 170’s 6.5 teraflops. To put that in perspective, the Titan X manageed 7 teraflops and the GTX980 could only manage 5.

GTX 1080

So when can you buy these bad boys? The 1080 goes on sale on May 27th at $599, or $699 for the founders edition which promises to have the potential to be overclocked even more the the standard model.  The 1070 follows it on June 10th for $379 or $449 for the founders edition.

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