New Assassins Creed 3 Trailer

New Trailer for Assassins Creed 3, it doesn’t show much more than we already know, but does show some of the preorder bonuses you can get, or be pissed off you are not getting.  There was also some talk about the AC3 collectors edition.  Read MOAR.

Aside from the preorder bonus there is also news about the collectors edition.  Included in the $119.99 Limited Edition bundle,  for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,  is an embroidered 28″ x 48″ Assassin’s Creed-inspired Revolutionary War-era flag, a 9.44″ statue of Connor, and a belt buckle.

There is also a digital collectors edition for PC/Mac ($65)  and it will include;  The Apple of Eden carrier George Washington’s notebook, which reveals his true story during the American Revolution.

Bonuses also include three single-player missions, uniforms, Sharpshooter and Redcoat characters for multiplayer, a greatest hits soundtrack from the series, and the flintlock pistol rumored to have unleashed “the shot heard round the world.”

Man alive, with so many stinking bonuses you are almost better off to just wait for the “GOTY” edition just to make sure you get it all………meh fuck it, NAVAL BATTLES!

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