The Kickstarter open world RPG that goes by the tagline, Dungeons & No Dragons has launched into its first Tech Alpha today, available to anyone who pledged at the Baron level or above.  What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? It’s goal is to be a realistic, open world first person role playing game with non-linear questing, complete with siege and large scale battles. Unlike most RPGs, this game won’t feature dragons, or any monsters for that matter, and no magic. This is the medieval version of Star Citizen, with a huge scope and great visuals. Funding is currently just shy of $2.1 million, so it’s not quite the fund raising machine as Star Citizen, but still worth a look.

So, what’s the Tech Alpha contain? Well, it’ll be just what is in an advanced stage of development, allowing backers to test out different functions within the game and assist in how it gets built out. As you’ve seen with other Early Access releases, this is not the full game, and it’ll be rough. There will be bugs, and it will in no way be complete. Warhorse Studios plans to add to it every two to three months and you can still back the project if you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter. I look forward to jumping into the alpha in the coming days, so look for my first impressions next week.



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