“Molest it until its tested” -Tramell Isaac. The new “motto” for Boss Key Productions according to Cliff Bleszinski during the first episode of Boss Room, hosted by, well, Cliff, Tramell, and Rohan Rivas from Boss Key. What he was really referring to is trying to get Bluestreak into players hands as early as possible to help test it and see what works and what doesn’t.


The real highlight of episode 1 has to be the first showing of one of the weapons from the upcoming free to play arena shooter. They reveal the sexy weapon you see above, an energy weapon with an alternate fire mode that can be combined with its primary fire mode to increase its usefulness. They also talk about the sci-fi weapons from District 9 and Elysisum as something to aspire to, and each weapon brand having its own look and feel, down to the type of bolts used. This one happens to come from an Italian company that focuses on high end materials such as carbon fiber and titanium.

Rounding out the video, they talk about the current state of the industry, introduce the team at Boss Key, and answer some fan questions. From the Q&A, we found out that friendly fire set to off by default, there will be ammo and weapon pickups, and that the arenas will be 5 vs 5. There are also no plans to bring this to consoles anytime soon due to the complexity of the game, however they are open to allowing Sony or Microsoft attempt to make a port at some time. Check out the video below for the full scoop and let us know what you think.

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