EA ran a pretty lackluster presser today, so let’s start with the best (also the last):

Star Wars Battlefront

This is the one that everyone has wanted to see since the first video was dropped months ago, and boy did it deliver.  Not only does the Frostbite engine look amazing, it also moves really well.  The action seemed very fluid and the mechanical items (Snow Speeders, AT-AT, AT-ST, Tie Fighters, &  X-Wings) all moved well and felt very cinematic.  The added shots of Jedi/Sith powers in action was just the icing on the cake.  The standout was that everything in the video was captured from a PS4.  So happy that this game is coming out on 11/17/15.  Good thing EA included this or else all we would have to talk about is the other crap below.

Mass Effect Andromeda

“Hey!  You know how we told you the Mass Effect story was over after 3? Well we really meant in that galaxy; check out this other galaxy of fighting.”  Other than that they didn’t show much about the game.

Need for Speed

The visuals look great on this game, and I’d say that they look better than Forza, but dear god please stop adding a story to NFS!!!!!  I just wanna customize my car and destroy people in races, I don’t care about 5 different intersecting storylines about car thieves and the “awesome life” of a street racer.

Star Wars Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

The glossed over portion was Knights of the Fallen Empire.  Not much is known about this, other than they are really trying to channel Bioware’s KotOR for the story.  It looks to have promise though and Jason will definitely keep it on his radar.

Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

This game was given a meh at the Microsoft Presser earlier today, and now that we’ve seen actual gameplay it’s moved up to hmm.  It’s obviously not going to be a great game but it could definitely be fun.


The best part about the updates is that the character movement has been drastically improved.  After playing 14 & 15 you could tell that they weren’t quite finished with their mo-cap and this game shows the strides they made.  Other than that it’s still basketball, a game that’s only really fun when you’re actually playing it.


SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!  YOU SPEND 5 FUCKING MINUTES TALKING TO PELE ON THE STAGE?! IN BROKEN ENGLISH?!?!?!?!?  I guess they did that because the only real innovation they showed off was adding girls.

Minion Paradise

Fuck this shameless reach to capitalize on a movie coming out.  They game looks bad and EA should feel bad.  I’ll hold out for Fallout Shelter to make it to Android.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

We were a little bewildered as to why they say they’re showing the origins when the end of the first game was primed for a sequel, but whatever.  The environment and movement looked great and they said that there shouldn’t be a single load screen or level, everything is one giant open world.  Look for this on 2/23/16.

Madden and Draft Champions

There wasn’t really a lot of innovation, other than tweeks to passing and catching (both offensive and defensive), but they did add in a pretty sweet Greatest of All Time draft system that allows to draft and run full seasons quickly.  I’m not a huge Madden guy but it’s definitely interesting.

Stream FAIL

That’s right, the stream went completely down for an entire segment.  The game is called unravel and looks like a little devil running through the yard.  I guess we didn’t miss much.

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