Dragon Quest Heroes E3 Initial Impressions

Sure it’s touted as Dynasty Warriors in the Dragon Quest universe, but this game is a little bit different than the rest.  When developing the game they decided that they needed to stay to to the Dragon Warrior/Quest roots and not make it Army vs Army.  What you end up getting is a large battlefield filled with monsters and nothing but your party of heroes (4 in total on the demo) to dispatch them all.  I love this because it keeps the game still rooted in it’s RPG core even though it’s a pretty straight up hack and slash.  The fun addition to the play is that you can switch between all of your characters on the fly.  Since every character in a Dragon Quest game has their own unique set of skills and weaponry, this makes the gameplay change on a whim and adds a lot of depth to the battlefield.  The other change to the Dynasty Warriors formula is the addition of giant bosses that are grand in scale and take all you’ve got to take them down.  The second portion of the demo consisted of you and your team fighting to rid a city of a giant Cyclops that measures 3 stories tall.  There were many weapons at your disposal and it added some much needed depth to the button mashing.  Look for Dragon Quest Heroes on 10/13/15.

What do the kids say?  Pic or it didn't happen!
What do the kids say? Pic or it didn’t happen!

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