Thanks to the sales and Cyber Monday I have been able to get myself a nice load of games.  Looking forward to getting through some of these blockbusters from the last year and as usual glad to play them in the Bargain Bin.







Ill most likely not wright about Banjo and Kazooie, unless people really want it, and, I’m sure there are some more games as well coming from Eric and Boos (if he ever puts Battlefield 3 down) so we will be sure to let you know.

Some deals inside.

One Thing I would like to point out is Xbox has their Cyber Monday sale today as well and the beautiful game Beyond Good and Evil HD is on sale for 240msp (about $3)  If you have never played this game please, please, Please do it now as I promise you, you wont regret it!

I will also take this time to toot my own horn, as I stated last week with the deals from Gamefly I purchased HomeFront and Brink.  I cant express how right I was to wait on these games.  HomeFront was as short as speculated, and you could only play on medium by default.  Brink is a dead game completely, 99% of the Draw for Brink was the “always online” play but after playing (and beating) the game completely I was never joined by another human. Anyway Just wanted to let you all know I was right ^_^  ok, ok, Ill stop.

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