Portal 3 won’t be coming any time soon, if ever, but you can still hang out with GLaDOS with Bridge Constructor Portal. ClockStone Software and Headup Games is bringing Bridge Constructor Portal, along with Bridge Contractor and Bridge Constructor Stunts to retail on Xbox One and PS4 with Nighthawk Interactive distributing the package. The package itself, which includes all 3 games will be on sale for $29.99 later this Summer.

Bridge Constructor Portal tasks the player with building bridges in 60 test chambers for vehicles to transverse in Aperture Science. The challenge is to do it safely, and if you know Portal, GLaDOS isn’t your friend. You get access to portals, propulsion gel, and aerial faith plates to help you bypass acid pools, laser barriers, and of course those pesky sentry turrets.

Bridge Constructor Portal Key Features include:

  • GLaDOS Voice Actor – Ellen McLain, the original voice of GLaDOS, guides players through the tutorial and accompanies them through tricky physics adventures;
  • Portal Gadgets – Iconic components of the original Portal franchise are at players’ disposal to solve complicated tasks, including portals, aerial faith plates, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, and more;
  • Portal Dangers – Designing structures to avoid death traps is critical, requiring players to outmaneuver sentry turrets, emancipation grills, laser fields, and acid;
  • Aperture Science Labs – Players can create complex constructions in the Aperture Science labs, learning all the tips and tricks that make a true Aperture Science employee. The bridge is a lie!

If you’re familiar with the Bridge Constructor series of games, then you know they can be insanely fun to try and figure out the different challenges and progress through the levels. If you are looking to kill some time later this summer, then getting 3 games in one package might not be a bad way to go.

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