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Greetings Auraxians, and welcome to the Auraxis News Network News Update! I have traveled all across Auraxis to bring you everything that is happening. In this edition you will find the following topics covered:

  • Q&A with the Customer Service Team
  • Developer Update
  • Fan Art
  • Fan Fiction
  • Fan Music
  • Battlefield Training
  • Event Spotlight


This weeks sneak peek Q&A that aired on Friday Night Ops was with Customer Service team. They answered questions about some of the memorable tickets they’ve gotten, laying down the almighty Ban Hammer, as well as other things. Give it a watch.


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This week we have the VS Beamer, concept for TR Commissioner Hat, and a FAQ on the upcoming server merge! All servers will be coming down for the merge tomorrow, March 1st at 12:00AM PST. Check this forum posting for more info.


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We have some fan art from SinKosh showcasing the NC Reavers as they fight for their independence.


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Do No Harm is a short story by Carrionghoul, and you can read an excerpt below:

Do No Harm

The green, glowing beam shot from the gun, striking the soldier’s chest. Slowly, the glow spread upwards towards the part of the body that was damaged, and the nanites began to reconstruct the top half of the dead man’s skull.

Colton never ceased to be fascinated by the reconstruction process. Bone and muscle, fatty tissue and flesh, all writhing back into place while the little machines performed their modern magic trick. He knew that in reality the nanites were merely reading the stored DNA map of this soldier, a new recruit named Jackson, and then taking the parts that didn’t match and returning them to their original state. Carbon and water being mechanically woven at a microscopic level in a cloud of sterilized anesthetic gas and energy.

Still, thought Colton, if only this type of thing could be used by everyone. He knew that was a fantasy. This technology was tremendously expensive, and only the military received access to it. This was because the military was fighting to hold onto the precious land that contained the minerals leading to the wealth and prosperity of the entire Terran Republic. The civilians would just have to deal with laser sutures and genetic stem cell stimulation.

Read the rest on Planetside Universe.

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We have a Terran Republic declaration from Neil Stryker.

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In this issue of Battlefield Training, we take a look at the new SMGs! Training video by Level Cap Gaming.

Auraxis News Network News Update Event Spotlight banner.

Gamepocalypse 2013 on Mattherson gets another run in the spotlight for it’s support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks!

On March 16th, 2013 on the Mattherson server will be Gamepocalypse 2013, which is a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great cause and everyone should participate. Watch the video below to find out more info.

Thanks for tuning into this ANN News Update, we’ll see you next time, until then, cover your six!

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