These are the ones I suggest you watch after only one episode in:



What is it? Castlevania is a super gory adaptation of classic NES game…Castlevanaia. In this case, Castlevania 3. Not sure what that is? Well, it’s about a vengeful Dracula who has raised an army against all humans for burning his wife at the stake.

Where can I watch it? Watch on Netflix.

Made In Abyss


What is it? Made In Abyss is set in a town surrounding a giant hole in the ground. The town is populated with people who go down into the abyss to search for relics while avoiding the monsters that populate the abyss. While a young girl was exploring her assigned zone as she discovers a robot boy who ends up saving her life.

Where can I watch it? Watch on Amazon’s Anime Strike channel.


These ones are promising so far, and could possibly move up to the watch list, drop to the meh list, or just stay somewhere in the middle.

Princess Principal


What is it? Steampunk anime where London is split between East and West sides (aka Berlin Wall). The story centers around a group of girls who attend a prestigious school as a cover as they are actually spys. The premiere had them rescuing a man and helping him defect to the other side.

Where can I watch it? Watch on Amazon’s Anime Strike channel.

Knights & Magic


What is it? Knights & Magic is about a genius programmer who is a huge mecha fan, so huge that he has a room in his apartment dedicated to his mech models. Early into the premiere he dies and ends up being reincarnated as a small child in another world where giant mechs and magic are real. Needless to say he is in heaven.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.

Restaurant to Another World


What is it? In short, a foodgasm. Restaurant to Another World is about an ordinary restaurant that closes every Saturday, and in secret, opens it’s doors to a fantasy world. Several magical doors open up in this world on Saturday, transporting those who know where they are or who stumble across them to this restaurant where the chef cooks them amazing food. New customers are amazed by things such as free ice lemon water or fried shrimp so far from the sea.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.

Saiyuki Reload Blast


What is it? A priest and his 3 followers are heading west in order to stop the demons from rampaging across the country. Along the way they must fend off demons and earn the trust of weary humans who have all but closed up their villages to outsiders as they live in fear.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.

Magical Circle Guru-Guru


What is it? An ancient type of magic called Guru-Guru sealed away the demon lord 300 years ago. Now the demon lord is back and Guru-Guru is treated as a myth. A call for hero’s is made, and Nike’s father forces him to go sign up and be a hero, despite his young age. He gets paired up with the village witch’s granddaughter who happens to be able to use Guru-Guru, albeit not very well. The show is displayed as an old school RPG, similarly to a game like Dragon Warriors I (now known as Dragon Quest).

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu


What is it? Swords are sent back in time where they take human form in order to protect history from those who wish to change it. They know the approximate time and general area where their enemy will strike, but it’s up to them to figure out what their target is and to stop them from changing the future.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll or Amazon’s Anime Strike.


These ones aren’t exactly terrible, but there are much better options for your time.

Love & Lies


What is it? Love & Lies is set in a Japan where the government ended up arranging marriages based on science in order to reverse the declining birth rate. It was successful and the birth rate stabilized and the general population got smarter. You find out who you will marry when you turn 16. The problem is Yukari has been in love with his classmate for the past 5 years, and finally decides to tell her the day before his 16th birthday where he gets assigned to marry someone else.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Amazon’s Anime Strike.

Fastest Finger First


What is it? Fastest Finger First is a show about Quiz Bowl, which is a game show where you must ring a buzzer (hence fastest finger first) to answer a question. Koshiyama has just started high school and is kind of a loaner who prefers spending his time in the library reading books. He ends up getting dragged on to stage during the club showcase to compete in a demonstration and finds it exhilarating.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.

Clean Freak! Aoyumkun


What is it? Aoyumkun is a fantastic soccer player that plays for Japan’s U16 (Under 16) team and is in his first year of high school. He also happens to be a super clean freak to the point where he won’t even head the ball.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.

Convenience Store Boyfriends


What is it? It’s the first year of high school, and two best friends, one a soccer player, the other a swimmer, frequent a convenience store on their way to and from school. Here they cross paths with two girls that go to their school and they have romantic feelings for. This seems to be a story of high school romance and intersecting paths that all end up around this convenience store.

Where can I watch it? Watch it on Crunchyroll.



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