Gotham City Impostors

Download Title available on:  PSN, Xbox Live and Windows




Gotham City Impostors is another M.O.B.A.  (Massive Online Battle Arena, think Team Fortress or Awesomenauts)  And I gotta say Gotham City Impostors  is my favorite MOBA game so far in the Summer of Jason.  The game is easy to get into, very customizable, and fantastically balanced.  Even as a noob joining in I was still able to keep an 1/1 KDR.   I know a 1/1 KDR isn’t all that impressive but it is impressive when you think about how long some people have been playing this game.

I personally love/loved TF2 my friends and I have spent a lifetime playing that game I still like to jump in from time to time.  What kept myself (and I’m sure others) around was the fun over the top style mixed with a little bit of humor.  Gotham City impostors follows this trend with the “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” mentality but then turns around to give you a very deep experience.  The amount of customization available to you regarding load out and special abilities is quite expansive giving the fact that the game is only available as a Download, and helps from keeping everyone playing the same style/type.

Game rounds are quick and fast paced, allowing you to get a quick game in while waiting for the wife/girlfriend/significant other/hand to get ready.  It also keeps the games from getting too stale or locked down with campers or a billion turrets.

All in all I really enjoy GCI, and I can imagine the experience being even better with friends playing along (as is the case with all MOBAs).  One down side, is with the environments and maps, I wish they were a little more detailed as everything looks a little plain and the maps haven’t hit me with any tactical inspiration yet , yes I understand its a DL game so space is very limited, but still.  Regardless, if you like just shooting people over and over I would highly recommend giving this game a shot.

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