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EwinRacing chair was newly founded in 2016 after being a leader in OEM office chair manufacturer. Ewinracing.com Use code "BEAT" at checkout to get 10% off all gaming chairs!

As a long time gamer I have made due with plenty of poor sitting materials over the years.  From drum thrones, milk crates, folding chairs and even 40 year old couches I was never one to be picky about where I put my butt.  As I have gotten older I find myself requiring more of a positive experience for my ass, especially when it comes to gaming.

Lucky for me E-Win was ready to answer my prayers and reached out to us here at IBeatItFirst.com to see if we were interested in reviewing one of their Gaming Chairs.  I gladly accepted the chance to try out a truly proper gaming chair and have since been enjoying it.  Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this chair, check out E-Win directly and if you decide to pick up a chair yourself be sure to use our fantastic promo code “BEAT” at check out for 10% off.  Also Watch our unboxing video to get a first look of the Champion series chair and to watch my dubmass fully assemble it…like an idiot.

Right off the bat when unboxing I could tell this chair was going to be a meaty beast, the full metal wheelbase immediately set the standard of a high quality piece of equipment and the cross stitching on the backrest and seat really drove that point home.  This isn’t just another gaming chair, but a fully tactical game seating apparatus.

Assembly was a breeze and included all tools and parts needed, including extra parts and covers to ensure my Champion Series gaming chair remains a champion for years to come.  E-Win also included a handy pair of white gloves to ensure my seat was never dirtied in the assembly process. Now, I am not what you would call a”fancy” man, but damn was it fun to don the little white gloves and give my new gaming thrown the proper fancy treatment.  Not to mention the gloves are also in the official E-win Champion video, which is awesome and hilarious in its own way.

The subtle red outline of the Champion Series model I chose is a nice touch, made me feel like I wasn’t creating a giant eyesore for my office, as in my opinion, your chair should be used and not be the optical feature of the room.  Now, of course, if just black or minimal color isn’t your style of chair E-Win is happy to supply you with all the bright colorful options your Fortnight loving ass could ever want, but for me, the Champion Series really works well in my personal office space.

Have a seat, stay awhile…Listen.

I have had the Champion Series chair for just over 2 weeks now and I wanted to make sure to give it a solid chance to break it in first before giving a proper review.  Between marathon sessions with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Microsoft Excel I fully intended to almost never leave this chair.

What I loved:

After two weeks it feels like the foam in the seat has started to “memorize” my butt and I find myself getting comfortable faster, especially when seated at my desk and with the included lumbar support pillow.  Seated in it now, I can tell that my butt is comfortable and my back is properly supported OSHA standards FTW.

Four points of armrest articulation is some serious customization.

I also love the fact that at any time I can take a break by easily reclining and, let me tell you what, reclining is the best thing about this chair and almost as comfy as my bed, dangerous for late night gaming sessions as the chair can go pretty well fully flat. NAP VERIFIED.

The solid stitching on the seat itself is again actually pretty impressive and has a nice touch to the style of the Champion Series, also the red highlights in the chair carry on to the wheel casters something I noticed most E-Win competitors do not do.

Fancy casters are fancy

The solid foam built into the sides of the chair cradles my man fat well. This helps me feel more comfortable while drinking whiskey late at night to momentarily drown out the existential dread of working more and more to afford the small luxuries of games.


I am by no means a small man but even at its lowest setting I find the chair just a bit too high, its perfect for my feat to sit on the ground squarely but if I want to rock or (God forbid) slouch I find this harder to do.

While you can adjust the tension in how “rockable” (is that a word?) the chair is, its still pretty stiff even on the lowest setting, great again for support, but bad if you want to easily kick back in exasperation after a cheap death.  I hope this will loosen over time and use as I die a lot.

Adjustable options aplenty, seat, arms, back… Make this chair your own.  The Green Straps are also support bands. Massive support for my Massive ass.

While this is also a positive, the chair is massive and difficult to move around (especially on carpet).  This is only an issue if you plan on moving the chair so plant it where you play and be thankful for a nice ass-perience.

Final Word:

E-Win has made a solid gaming chair here that will support you through the good and the bad and so far has yet to let me down in my seating expectations.  I really appreciate the style and design along with the load of features to make this chair truly my own and am looking forward to many years of work and gaming with this Champion series chair.  A huge thank you to E-Win for the support and for looking us up please head over to EWinracing.com directly for your own chair (I know you want one now) and don’t forget our special IBeatItFirst exclusive promo code “BEAT”.



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  • Quality Stitching and heavy frame ensure Ill have this chair for years to come
  • Fully adjustable seat and arm rests
  • Removeable pillows included


  • Even at lowest setting the chair still sits a little high
  • Rocking is still a little too tight
  • Firm seat at first will hopefully soften more over time.