PSA: You can now officially play FF3 ANYWHERE!


Sorry for the Hiatus folks but the arrival of my new baby boy has pulled away a lot of my time (post coming momentarily).  In the meantime, I have picked up the DS port of FF3 on my Android Tablet and am so far impressed with the presentation.  FF3 (or just FF in the states, lol) is a great game and they did a really good job porting it over to the tablet environment.  I’m not sure how much I would have liked playing this on the DS, and we’ll never know since I don’t own one, but the zooming features they’ve added, placement of the “dpad” anywhere you put your thumb, and quick save function make this a good place holder until Final Fantasy Dimensions comes out later this summer.  Sure, it will set you back $15.99 but that’s cheaper than the DS version so THERE!  The sad part is that I didn’t hear any build up to this at all, I just happened to do a random check for “Square Enix” on the Play Store to see if there was anything cool and new.  Now they just need to release Chrono Trigger on Android and I’ll be in heaven.  Click the READ MOAR for a glimpse at some gameplay.

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