Patch Notes
Patch Notes
Patch Notes 3 - Bō with Squid Shock Studios

Chris and Trevor from Squid Shock Studios join the IBIF crew to discuss their new game Bō, as well as their journey to founding their studio. Sit back and relax as we have a fun and energetic conversation with 2 really cool dudes!

Bō is a hand-drawn 2.5D adventure platformer based in a colorful world of Japanese folklore. You play as a tiny fox spirit that grows from lotus blossom after being blessed by the moon god.
Use your legendary bō staff to bounce and move fluidly through a delightfully-demonic east asian fever dream. Use the tight movement and reset system to reach areas efficiently and gracefully or recover chaotically while floundering for footing.
Fluid jumping, bouncing and aerial/acrobatic movement and combat is taken to a new level of flow and complexity and becomes central to the game play.
Meet new characters when you least expect and help them on their quests, unravel the mystery of why Bō was sent to this realm and find your greater purpose.

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