Nintendo Working on Pokemon VRMMO for the NX

The leaks for the Nintendo NX keep coming this week with multiple sources confirming that Nintendo is indeed bringing VR to the NX, and headlining it will be a Pokemon VRMMO.

Nintendo NX

We all know about the PlayStation VR coming later this year, and there was a leak earlier this week claiming that the NX will be more powerful than the PS4 coming from Extreme Tech. This, coupled with the fact that VR seems to be all the rage currently, and Nintendo’s love of all things gimmicky, lends credibility to the fact that the NX will feature VR.  To make the NX and NX VR a success, it needs a “killer app”, and what better way than introduce Pokemon VRMMO. Anime like Sword Art Online are popularizing the idea of VRMMOs, with IBM-Japan even getting in on it by showing a SAO demo, it’s only natural for Nintendo to get in on the action. Then you have a couple fan projects, one being Pokemon Revolution Online working to create a Pokemon MMO, and the the Pokemon VR project. Nintendo wanting to launch the NX with a bang and out do both of these just after Pokemon turned 20 makes perfect sense.

So what do we know about the currently unnamed Pokemon VRMMO? In addition to collecting them all, we hear there will be various professions, including Pokemon Photography, think Pokemon Snap. Other notable professions will be the ability to be a merchant, selling things from bikes to poke balls. Other details currently known is the ability to form your own Gyms with friends. Gyms will work as a cross between Gyms in other Pokemon games and Guilds in other MMOs. This means you’ll be able to have your own Gym that will function as your guild hall, as well as a place other players can come and challenge your group to win a badge you designed with the in game designer (think Forza level customization of the badge).


Not much else is known yet, but word has it a gameplay video along with an official release of the details to be announced at this year’s E3, in which we will be in attendance to bring you every little detail, because I personally am super stoked for this.

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