Nintendo Labo Wants You To Play With Cardboard

Nintendo made a surprise announcement today of Labo, a line of Switch peripherals that you make out of cardboard. It’s an inventive way to use the power of Joy-Cons in very interesting ways. The dub the creations Toy-Cons, and allow you to make everything from a piano to a fishing pole.

Nintendo with supply two kits, the Variety Kit for $69.99 that allows you to make 2 RC cars, 1 fishing rod, 1 house, 1 motorcycle, and 1 piano. Just add the the Switch to them and off you go. The second pack is the Robot Kit at $79.99 that allows you to assembly goggles and a backpack to control an in-game robot. Both of these will be available starting April 20th.

With the whole thing being made out of cardboard, it’ll be easy to customize your creations, or fix them with some tape should they break. This all looks like it would be great for schools or camps, or for those with kids. Who are we kidding though, I kinda want these too. I must say this is pretty inventive way to use the power of the Joy-Cons, and something they really needed as not many games have used the power they provide. Also with them being cardboard, you’re not stuck with some oversized plastic peripheral to collect dust and never get used again.

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