Might & Magic Has Been Resurrected on Mobile

Might & Magic, an RPG series that started in 1986, is back with an all new mobile game. The new mobile game, titled Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians, stays true to the roots by being an RPG title. Ubisoft claims the game with have face paced strategy battles and stunning graphics in a western anime style. Throughout the free to play title you will battle and collect fantasy creatures, with the ability to evolve them to create a team of elemental warriors. Single player and competitive PVP are all here, as is your own custom Hero avatar as you level up your team. So far, it’s sounding very standard mobile RPG formula, but as an added bonus, they tossed in augmented reality to the mix, so you’ll be able to see your monsters battle each other in PvP mode in the real world.

The game launches on iTunes and Google Play on May 31st, but per-registration is open now, which will net you an special in-game award.


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