Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Tycoon Announced

Not to let the popularity of the hit documentary Tiger King go to waste, Joe Exotic, in conjunction with The Initiative, an Xbox Games Studio, officially announced their first title, Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Tycoon. This game will be a launch title for the Xbox Series X, while working on Xbox One and PC as well as part of Xbox Games Pass. Sadly, a PS4/PS5 and Switch release look slim at this time. The Initiative described the game as a mix between your standard tycoon games, namely Zoo Tycoon, and 4X Strategy games like Crusader Kings.

Zoo Tycoon

Joe described the game as “This is some next level shit. This game has fucking everything, Tigers, romance, politics, fucking everything. It even has the fucking bitch Carole Baskin in it.” The game does seem to indeed have everything. While at the heart, the game looks to be very similar to Zoo Tycoon, it differs in the addition of 4X strategy, drawing very heavily from the Crusader Kings series. As you build up your exotic zoo with everything from the titular tigers, to monkeys and crocodiles, you’ll come face to face with other zoos vying for supremacy. Form trade treaties with the likes of Doc Antle and other zoo owners, or go to all out political warfare against those who would do harm to your zoo, such as Carole Baskin, who seems to be the main adversary you’ll face.

Better Animal Kingdoms mod for Crusader Kings 2

You’ll also be able to strike corporate partnerships just as Joe did with Walmart to provide low cost food for your employees and animals. Just be sure to keep some of the details, such as expiration date, away from the authorities and public interest groups. You’ll also be able to romance many people, same sex or otherwise. Flirt with men and women alike to create your own personal harem. Tigers and meth are usually good ways to lure them in, but again, be sure to hide the meth from the authorities who are out to shut down your park.

Chemically Bonded

Speaking of the authorities, you’ll have to keep an eye on the political game as your park grows in popularity. Lobby congress to keep the breeding of tigers legal, and even run for political office yourself for ultimate control. Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Tycoon launches this fall alongside the Xbox Series X, and the special editions perks are as follows:Carole Baskin Collector’s Edition

Carole Baskin Collector’s Edition ($80)

  • Base Game
  • Don Lewis’ Tiger Jerky *Not made with actual Don Lewis or the tigers that ate him
  • OST by Joe Exotic

I’m Broke As Shit Ultimate Edition ($150)

  • Base Game
  • Don Lewis’ Tiger Jerky *Not made with actual Don Lewis or the tigers that ate him
  • OST by Joe Exotic
  • Greater Wynnewood Zoo Paramedic Bomber Jacket
  • Joe Exotic Wig

You can preorder the game here or read the full press release here.

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