I’ve Changed My Mind About the Marketing for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Even heading in to this week I viewed the extended marketing for Injustice pretty much the same way that Kotaku has viewed the recent NCAA Football ’14 marketing, lame, pointless, and waste of time & money.  This week I decided to look at it a little differently and give it the benefit of the doubt, with less cynicism if you will, and I think I’ve found how this campaign is actually good.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the devs for Injustice have been hosting a fan voted “tournament of champions” by dangling free merch in front of us.  Being a whore for things free I have been participating weekly, while not really caring too much about the outcome.  The ultimate plus that this marketing has birthed though is an extended look at each characters fighting style and a lot of the locales to beat each other to a pulp in, which is actually a lot more than we normally see from fighting game devs pre-release.  The above video is an example from this week, Batman v Wonder Woman.  While I still hate elongated online marketing, if more of it shows off as much in game footage as Injustice has I’ll tolerate it.  Check out the Injustice YouTube channel to see more fights.

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