EA Puts Timmy Howard’s Magical Powers in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 is set to launch on September 23rd and shows off Timmy Howard’s world cup performance in a brand new trailer showcasing what they are calling Next Gen Goalkeeper. In case you live under a rock and didn’t see or hear about Tim Howard’s 16 world record saves against Belgium in the Round of 16 for the U.S. Men’s National Team, just watch this below to know what his magnificent beard and him can do.


Ok? All caught up? Well EA has revamped Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 to better portray their real life selves, which means more spectacular saves, and spectacular goals. Watching the trailer, one things for certain, Timmy Howard is the Hulk, and Coach Lasso thinks he looks like the goalkeeper from Everton, and I got to say, the resemblance is uncanny.

FIFA 15 isn’t all about Timmy Howard and those other goalkeepers, its also about stadiums, soccer news, and Ultimate Team. As the trailer opens, you see the beautifully recreated stadiums that make up the EPL, which Aston Villa is quick to point out they are one of those said teams with their stadium in it, possibly to distract you from how their season this year will likely turn up. Not only that, but they recorded chants from the fans throughout the past season and have put them into the game. My guess though is they removed the ones with the curse words, because you know, they need to keep the E rating and all. If they could get Tifo displays in their complete with smoke and flares, that would really be something.

Goal.com will also be powering their new Match Day Live service in game, giving you news and scores from leagues around the world, which is awesome, because if your like me, the more places you can get the latest on your favorite team, the better. Hopefully they feature the entire Goal.com news and fixtures, and not just the leagues that are in the game so I can add my USL Pro team, Arizona United SC into the news feed. EA has added a new league this year as well, in terms of Turkish Süper Lig, so maybe one day they’ll add USL Pro, complete with La Furia Roja 1881 engaged in a chant battle against Tower Bridge Battalion as Arizona United SC squares off against Sacramento Republic FC on the pitch. Have I told you yet that I really like soccer? Even when it’s third division US? No? Well now you know.

Ultimate Team has seen enhancements too, allowing you to now pick up players on Loan, which allows you to try them out for a few matches to see how they fit your squad. Concept Squads grants you access to every player, which gives you a good opportunity to plan out different line ups and who to go after. Not only that, they also added Friendly Seasons, where you can challenge your friends to a 5 match season, complete with stat tracking. So, let us know how excited you are for this game in the comments below on a scale of 1-Tim Howard and what system you’ll be playing on.

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