It is rare that a game gets reviewed or played twice, here at IBIF, let alone Reviewed three times.  But somehow Blizzard exposed our inner consumer whore selves as we ripped out our wallets for a 3rd time in order to play Diablo 3… AGAIN.

I will keep this review short as we have already covered the main game a few times, but will instead talk about the differences between the versions and being able to play on the PS4.

Last gen VS Current Gen:  On the PS4 this is quite possibly the closest you will be able to get to a fully tricked out PC rig, The PS4 handles the hordes of enemies and crazy magical effects very well with minor slowdown, if ever.  The cinematic movies between chapters finally look crisp and clean with no articulation or blurry-ness since the last time I played Diablo 3 was on the xbox 360 and everything looked like mud.  Gameplay also is very crisp and clear having a higher resolution makes a big difference since your character and all enemies only take up a small portion of the screen.

Updates to Diablo 3 with the Reaper Of Souls expansion were vast and numerous, and could probably make an entire article regarding just the changes, but lets just say 99% of the changes were for the better and have made the over all experience far more satisfying.  The expansion in its self is actually pretty robust adding a new chapter, characters you can interact with and new equipment upgrades.  The only real downfall I saw with the expansion already being part of the game is it jumps right into chapter 5 without a chance to stop, as if Chapter 5 was always there.  Its not that big of a deal since the story in Diablo 3 isn’t the greatest but it really disconnects you from beating Diablo as being anything but another mini-boss.

Final Verdict:  If you haven’t played Diablo 3 yet and don’t have a good enough PC this is definitely the way to play it, the controls are tight and the graphics hold up just as well as almost any mega PC out there.  Even if you have played only D3 on Xbox 360 or PS3 this may be a good buy, especially if you haven’t done everything.  Plus with the ability to load in saves from other platforms with it means you wont be starting from scratch.



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