Bungie rewards an idiot with a free copy of Halo 4

You might think that the headline is a little mean, but “Timothy” really is an idiot (or possibly the smartest of them all).  Long story short, Timothy wrote a letter to Bungie’s customer service department to complain that his gifted copy of Halo 4 will not work on his 360.  That’s right astute readers, he complained to a game developer about a game that they didn’t make and that dev even gave him a free copy.  Granted they had a little fun at his expense, he still received a free copy of Halo 4.  I guess the moral of the story is that idiocy will get you anything so stop being smart.  Be sure to note the magical 3rd arm that appears about half way through the video as well.  +1 cool guy points for poking fun but -2 for actually giving the moron a free game.  Next time just stick with the +1 Bungie.

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