Borderlands 2: Give me blood or give me death….yeah










Do you like Blood and Guts as much as Guns?  Well you are in luck as Borderlands 2 will be completely uncensored worldwide when it releases this September.   If you live in Germany or Australia this is major news as it allows you to have the full BL2 experience as apposed to a truncated or “kiddy version”.

“But Jason, I live in ‘Merica, what do I care?”  Well Borderlands 2 will also come with a toggle feature that will allow you to turn the copious amounts of Gore on or off.  Great if you have kiddies or are just a bit squeamish when it comes to body explosions.

Speaking of Borderlands 2 the game was talked about in Take-Two’s 1st quarter financial meeting and the sequel is already a huge hit, even thought its not even released yet.  According to Take-Two’s Chief Operating Officer Karl Slatoff “Pre-orders are currently the third highest of any title in Take-Two’s history, behind only Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”


Apparently I am not the only one excited for this game 😉  September cannot come fast enough.

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