360 or PS3? Which should you play MGR: Revengence on?

I’ve watched the above comparison video a couple of times and I must say that I’m a little flummoxed.  For once the textures appear to be almost identical but there is a difference in the 2 and that difference will be the reason why people with a choice will choose one over the other.  The 360 version has that bright futuristic feel to it while the PS3 has a more subdued cinematic feel.  All of this is achieved by what appears to be a light softening filter used on the PS3.  My assumption would be that the filter couldn’t run on the 360 w/o slowing it down, but they could also be marketing it towards what they think players of each console prefer.  Tell us what you think in the comments and click the READ MOAR for a special video of Raiden fighting a cat with 999 speed and agility.

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