Hello, welcome to the first mobile game review to be featured on IBIF.  Previously we made a decision to put a wall up to block out all mobile games from receiving reviews here because there are just so many of them put out, but I decided to pull out the sledge hammer and bust that wall down.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s Adventure Time, that’s why!  This being said, I’m going to give a quick synopsis only and let the stars speak for themselves.

The basic premise is a smash and distance game akin to the ones you play at the bar but with an Adventure Time twist.  The range extenders are all in the sky instead of the ground and include rainbow clouds, Marceline hitting you with her Bass Axe, riding Lady Rainicorn, and even riding a meteor.  You can also use the accumulated points to upgrade these items and your kick speed and frequency.  You also have to fight off the most evil thing in the Land of Ooo.  Watch the video below and have a gander at the pics.

I will say that this game is a lot more fun and way more engaging than the other smash and distance games.  The fact that you have many other things to do while flying through the air, other than just watching the character bounce, makes it a lot more enjoyable.  It’a available now on both the Play store and iTunes for 99 Cents and looks great on both small phone screens and 10 inch tablet screens.


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