Cutscene 6 – Asobi Asobase 9-12

Cutscene 6 – Asobi Asobase 9-12

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The second anime the crew decided to tackle for Cutscene is Asobi Asobase -Workshop of Fun-.  The series centers on Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi, second-year students at an all-girl middle school and the only three members of the Pastimers Club, a not-officially-recognized group. The club has very ambiguous goals, usually consisting of whatever so-called “pastimes” the girls happen to think up.  In this weeks episode we meet Olivia’s older brother (the worlds largest weeb), blackmail rears it’s head again, the Student Council VP is introduced, and the Shogi club resurfaces.

Our next anime will be the horror anime Another, available on both Crunchyroll and Hulu.

In 1972, Misaki, a popular student of Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3, suddenly died partway through the school year. Devastated by the loss, the students and teacher behaved like Misaki was still alive, leading to a strange presence on the graduation photo. In Spring 1998, Kōichi Sakakibara transfers into Yomiyama’s class 3-3, where he meets Mei Misaki, a quiet student whom their classmates and teacher seemingly ignore. The class is soon caught up in a strange phenomenon, in which students and their relatives begin to die in often gruesome ways. Realizing that these deaths are related to the “Misaki of 1972”, a yearly calamity that has struck most every class 3-3 since 1972, Kōichi and Mei seek to figure out how to stop it before it kills anymore of their classmates or them.

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