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The battle of Hastings, John Cena, Eleven, Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest had something for everyone. It had historically accurate comics, wrestling, and pop culture. The third year of Fan Fest moved downtown and was bigger than ever. The best part was the cosplay, as it had more cosplay than anything Phoenix Comicon has put on.  My favorite part had to be people cosplaying as Reptar and Quailman. It was my childhood coming to life, and I couldn’t’ be happier. Then there was the Code Gaess cosplay, which is an anime I’m currently binge watching, so it was perfect for me.  There was a ton of great cosplay this year, and you can see some of our favorites below.

img_20161023_131418 img_20161023_160651 fb_img_1477341645563 img_20161022_094513 img_20161022_094526 img_20161022_102339 img_20161022_102817 img_20161022_103112 img_20161022_111644 img_20161022_112909 img_20161022_113303 img_20161022_120907 img_20161022_120909 img_20161022_123030 img_20161022_123251 img_20161022_123435 img_20161022_123537 img_20161022_123617 img_20161022_140032 img_20161022_140406 img_20161022_143807 img_20161022_152156 img_20161022_152557 img_20161022_153239 img_20161022_161814 img_20161022_181221 img_20161022_181302 img_20161022_181349 img_20161022_181350 img_20161022_181406 img_20161022_181605 img_20161022_183324 img_20161023_095923 img_20161023_105002 img_20161023_105242 img_20161023_110634 img_20161023_111030 img_20161023_111604 img_20161023_112049 img_20161023_112853 img_20161023_124342

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