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NerdBlock’s Sci-Fi Block Unboxing: October 2016

Greetings, nerds! October 2016’s Sci-Fi NerdBlock was some of the best value I have seen in a subscription crate. For only $30, I received loot from Blade Runner, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Judge Dredd, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park!


The box did not arrive looking this disheveled, I just forgot to take a picture before going through it this time. Regardless…

T-Shirt: Blade Runner
The shirt this month is from Blade Runner, and–as always–comes with a $10 credit to T-Shirt Punch.


When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Scarf
The big-ticket item in this month’s block was a scarf.


At first, I did not remember what it was from (as the insert did not specifically say this was from Jurassic Park), but as my boyfriend reminded me, the design is from the final scene in the first movie:

maxresdefaultImage credit: Universal Studios (1993)

Fredrik Edėn Star Wars Art Print
The next item was another art print (I am really liking the trend, NerdBlock). This time it was by Fredrick Eden and features undead Star Wars characters rising from the grave. I am all for anything that helps out artists–especially relatively unknown yet talented ones like those that have been featured in the art prints in the last two months’ blocks.


Mystery Science Theatre 3000 4-Pack DVD and Judge Dredd Year One
The next two items were a 4-DVD box set from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and a hefty novel collaboratively written by Michael Carroll of The New Heroes series fame, Al Ewing who has written many of the Judge Dredd comics, and Matt Smith who is the head editor of Judge Dredd Megazine.



Alien Abduction Enamel Pin
Last, but not least, is (actually) my favorite item from this month’s block: a cute alien abduction pin from waxoffdesign!


As I said, this month’s block had quite a bit of value and I am extremely satisfied–regardless of my lack of fandom for many of these items (not a big MST3k or Judge Dredd fan). I give October 2016’s Sci-Fi NerdBlock a solid 5 out of 5.

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